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Storstrøm Bridge

2020, Vordingborg
Technological Solution


This new project, the Storstrøm Bridge, consists of the connection between Zealand to Falster by Masnedø. The bridge will have a railway, a roadway, and routes for pedestrians and cyclists. It will have a total length of 4kms, with stay cables on the central section over the Storstrømmen sea.

The construction of this new bridge and the subsequent demolition of the existing bridge intends to correct the current bottleneck on the European corridor between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. The construction of this new bridge will achieve a growth of railway traffic, mostly traded goods, between the Danish Capital, Copenhagen, and the North of Germany.

The new Storstrøm Bridge is expected to open to road traffic in 2023 and to railway traffic in 2024.The works that have been awarded to ConstruGomes include the construction of the in-situ deck for the North Approach (Masnedo) and South Approach (Falster), using a complex ground supported falsework system.

Technical Solution

Shoring system composed by:
- Load-bearing tower Staxo 100
- Tower D2

Technical Features

Full length | 304.20 m
Span G24S-G23S length | 92.60 m
Span G23S-22S length | 63.50 m
Span G22N-21N length | 84.60 m
Span G21N-20N length | 63.50 m
Max. span between piers | 78.25 m
Piers max. height | 5.63 m
Width | 24.15 m
No. of spans | 4