Puente de Pumarejo

2016, Barranquilla


The new Puente de Pumarejo is one of the longest in Columbia. This bridge's construction made it possible for large vessels to navigate throughout the Magdalena River. Such navigation would have been previously completely inhibited by the current Pumarejo bridge.

This bridge improves the traffic flow between Barranquilla and Santa Marta, along Colombia's Atlantic Coast. It is hoped that this will then in turn solve the existing severe traffic problem in the area.

Technical Solution

One pair of F10 and CM10 ConstruGomes' form travellers, capable of executing segments with 10 meters length
One M70D-S movable scaffolding system
One CM15 Wing traveller

Technical Features

Full length | 2.173,00 m
Main bridge max. span | 380,00 m
Approaches max. span | 70,00 m
Piers max. height | 124,60 m
Width | 38,10 m
Segment | 10,00 m
No. of spans | 25,00