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Passionate about what we do

ConstruGomes is dedicated to the construction of major infrastructure works, in particular large bridges, commonly referred to as "works of art". In addition to this business area, it also intervenes in the construction of tunnels, dams and buildings.

In the civil construction and public works market, the company stands out from the rest for the scope of its activity, to the extent that it not only executes the work but also intervenes in its conception, contributing with technical solutions that always aim projects' optimization.

Supported by its R&D department, ConstruGomes continuously invests in the search for new and better technological and productive operation solutions.

From the wide range of services ConstruGomes offers its clients, the following technical solutions are worth mentioning: Form Travellers, Incremental Launching, Movable Scaffolding System, Climbing and Self-climbing Formwork, Heavy Propping and Tunnel formwork.

Mission, Vision, Values

What sets us apart!

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ConstruGomes' strategic goal is to be recognized as a reference company in the construction of bridges. To achieve this benchmark, the company must necessarily adopt the best practices. To this end, a Management Manual was developed, with multidisciplinary characteristics, which integrates the Quality Management System, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and People Management. All of these systems have been certified by APCER and place the company at a level of excellence, which sets it apart from other competitors. The primary work that the Company and its employees carry out on a daily basis is not primarily aimed at obtaining any prize, but rather at meeting the Company's objectives. However, when the Company is rewarded with any recognition made by an external entity, as a result of the hard work and achievements of the Company's strategic goals, that brings great satisfaction for both the Company and its employees.
At ConstruGomes we do not only aim at results, we are concerned with outlining the path that has to be taken until the goal we set ourselves is achieved. We are all an integral part of this journey.
President ConstruGomes